What’s that smell? It’s absolutely odoriferous!

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There’s an entire world under our city, one that is comprised of miles of pipes and sewer infrastructure that carry our waste and treat it. However, what happens when these systems get overwhelmed? Age? Or fail? One possible consequence is a sewer overflow.

Ron Taylor, Program Director with Clean Water Nashville, and Dorie Bolze, Harpeth Conservancy CEO and President, joined our latest Conservation Conversation on Wednesday, January 27th, to clear up the muddy waters on this down and dirty topic. The discussion taught us what led the city of Nashville to enforce the management of our waste and how do they deal with the inevitable problems of this system today. Just because this vital pipe system is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

Our guest expert and staff also addressed additional questions such as: 

  • What causes defects in sewer infrastructure and HOW are these addressed? 
  • Are we, as property owners, responsible for maintaining sewer systems? 
  • And, most importantly, how are these issues and overflows fixed? Can we as individuals help in this process and if so, how?

Find out the dirt (and more!) by watching our latest Conservation Conversation via our Youtube channel below!