The Living Land Film

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The Living Land:
The Value of Nature, Music, and Poetry in Our Lives

Anne Goetze and Nathan Collie have been documenting the Middle Tennessee landscape for many years through photographs and video. Now they have collaborated with editor and videographer Ken Tucker to create a feature film, The Living Land, to bring awareness, aspirit of conservation, and beauty into our lives through nature, music, and poetry.

In the film, the rich sights and sounds of nature in Middle Tennessee are traced through all four seasons, accompanied with narrated poetry and music. Native American singer/songwriter Bill Miller also contributes music and reads from the Native American Book of Wisdom.

This film is intended to encourage and inspire us to become more active in protecting and conserving the resources of Middle Tennessee—and the earth itself—for future generations, as well as to expand access to the arts as a pathway to well-being.
Distribution plans: The film is to be offered free for conservation organizations (such as The Nature Conservancy, TennGreen, Keep Williamson Livable, The Heritage Foundation, and The Harpeth Conservancy), mental health organizations, non-commercial television, community groups, schools, and education. The film’s fiscal sponsor is The Harpeth Conservancy, whose vision is clean water and healthy ecosystems for the rivers of Tennessee championed by the people who live here.

Approx. length: 60 minutes
Release date: January 2024
Producer/Director: Anne Goetze
Video editors: Ken Tucker and Nathan Collie
Contact: Anne Goetze

Key Contributors and Sponsors

Anne Goetze

An award-winning artist and photographer, dedicated to land conservation with work in the collections of The Booth Museum, Tennessee State Museum, Vanderbilt Children’s, Psychiatric, and Cancer Centers, and private international collections.

Ken Tucker

An Emmy award-winning producer, editor, and videographer as well as a conservationist, who has produced episodes of the PBS outdoors show Tennessee’s Wild Side. He has been recognized by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation as Conservations Communicator of the Year.

Nathan Collie

A bird and wildlife photographer and videographer who is dedicated to conservation. He is the author of the recently published illustrated book, Moments with Birds, which features photos of birds he has photographed in Tennessee.

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