Outstanding Support of The Waterway Flood Recovery Project


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The Waterway Flood Recovery Project would not have launched without the generous and quick support from the Tennessee Emergency Relief Fund of the CFMT.  A total of $72,000 from the fund supported all clean- up work around the Harpeth river in 3 counties and restoration work.  All these funds were from individuals and businesses that rallied to support flood recovery needs.  With partner, Work Force Essentials, HC secured a grant to fund for 3 coordinators to work for 6 months.  

HC worked with Hands on Nashville and Impact Nashville to secure $125,000 from the federal flood recovery funds for Nashville that supported our flood damage assessment work across Nashville and to fund the Nashville focused collaborative effort, called the Nashville Waterway Recovery and Restoration Project.  This collaboration was formed by HC, Hands on Nashville and Impact Nashville, the volunteer outreach program of Mayor Dean’s office, and Metro Water Services.   Partner organizations that tackled clean-ups also included the Cumberland River Compact, Richland Creek Watershed Alliance, and Whites Creek Watershed Alliance.   The Dan and Margaret Maddox Fund provide support for the 2012 Harpeth River Challenge to plant 10,000 tree seedlings targeted at addressing severe erosion from the flood.  

Also local businesses were very generous to support volunteer needs such as t-shirts, gloves and more.  Franklin and Williamson county departments, Metro Water Services and Metro Public Works were critical partners by providing clean-up equipment and their services to haul away debris that was collected by volunteer projects.    Private waste and recycling haulers and state and local officials in Cheatham County provided funding and their incredible services.  See 2011 and 2012 River Steward Awards for more details on the incredible efforts of many people that made the Waterway Flood Recovery Effort successful!