Science & Restoration

The Harpeth Conservancy Science & Restoration program plans and implements projects that protect and improve water quality and stream ecosystem health in Tennessee Rivers. These projects can be divided into two categories: (1) River science research (2) Environmental restoration activities

What We Do

We carry out a large variety of science and restoration projects every year, with assistance from experts, dedicated volunteers, governmental agencies, corporate partners, civic groups, and other watershed stakeholders. Our restoration efforts, ranging from river cleanups to streambank stabilization, ultimately reduce pollution to the river, enhance habitat, and protect aquatic wildlife.  Our science research seeks to strategically study and monitor our rivers to better understand their overall health as well as current and potential threats such as pollution and degradation.

"The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share" - Lady Bird Johnson

Latest Posts

Retrospective on May 2010 Flood

10 Years After the Historic May 2010 Flood “The Waterway Flood Recovery Project:  2010-2012 and Embracing the New Normal of More Extreme Weather” Retrospective by Dorene Bolze, President and CEO

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2012 Harpeth River Steward

RESTORATION AWARD:  Glenn Remick One special volunteer, who has committed weekend after weekend to restoring the Harpeth since the May 2010 flood, had a very

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2011 Harpeth River Stewards

STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL: Jane Polansky Scenic Rivers Administrator Jane Polansky has been vital to HC’s successful efforts with our Waterway Flood Recovery Project.  She put

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