Be River Responsible

The Harpeth River State Park has over 500,000 visitors each year, many of whom are unfamiliar with river etiquette, safety, and stewardship.

What we do

Harpeth Conservancy, along with state and local partners, leads efforts to organize river clean-ups and educate individuals on responsible, safe, and respectful use of our State Scenic Harpeth River.

Areas of Focus

River cleanups

Since 2017, Harpeth Conservancy, along with partners, has distributed over 500 biodegradable litter bags and hosted 5+ river clean-ups each year along the Harpeth River to remove trash.

Education & awareness

Harpeth Conservancy helps educate individuals and households about reducing their impact on rivers and water quality as well as enhance wildlife habitat.

How to get involved:

  • Email us if you’re interested in installing a Be River Responsible sign on your property. 
  • Volunteer for an organized river clean-up event or host your own! Clean-up events can be walking or floating in a canoe!

How to get involved:

  • Follow our Be River Responsible guidelines and spread awareness.
  • “Lock your Load” – Help prevent trash from flying off the back of your pickup or vehicle by using proper tiedowns.
  • Use more recyclable “to-go” containers, compostable napkins, etc. and reduce straw usage.
  • Test your soil and practice smart fertilization to limit nutrient pollution in our waterways. 

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