Successful Resolution of Citizen Suit

Federal judge approved court-enforceable settlement of Harpeth Conservancy lawsuit to help clean up State Scenic Harpeth River

The Settlement

In August 2016, Judge Sharp of the US District Court in Nashville approved the settlement of the federal Clean Water Act citizen suit brought by Harpeth Conservancy against the City of Franklin, TN in August 2014.   The court-enforceable settlement was designed to bring Franklin into compliance with the terms of the state permit for the city’s sewage treatment plant.  Franklin’s sewer plant is the largest single source of permitted discharge of pollutants into the State Scenic Harpeth River that flows through Nashville and through one of the fastest growing regions of our state and country.

  • Harpeth Conservancy was very pleased to be able to achieve a successful settlement with the City in the Harpeth Conservancy v. Franklin citizen lawsuit.  
  • Having a healthy river should allow Franklin to continue to be the kind of place that its residents and its thousands of annual visitors will want to live, work, and play.