Operations Manager


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Position Description:

The position of Operations Manager is responsible for working with the Chief Executive Officer to manage the organization’s daily operations. This position requires a well-organized, detail-oriented person who likes to solve problems and implement solutions with experience in creating, instituting, and maintaining business operational systems.

HC is an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our hiring process. We are actively seeking a diverse pool of candidates for this position. 

Responsibilities of the position will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Support the CEO in operational tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization
  • Oversee, maintain, and improve the daily administration of financial systems, human resources, technology, and regulatory requirements
  • Oversee the selection, implementation, and maintenance of organizational software and systems
  • Assist with financial administration tasks, such as budget tracking, bill payment, purchasing, invoicing, expense reporting, annual budgeting development and providing information to our bookkeeper and tax/audit accountants
  • Provide general nonprofit management support such as meeting preparation, checking mail, calendaring, managing public inquiries, answering the main phone line, and maintaining organized files
  • Ensure staff have appropriate technology and equipment needed for job performance
  • Work with executive leadership to ensure effective coaching, onboarding, management supervision, and performance evaluation practices are in place
  • Evaluate and manage vendor relationships, including landlord, office equipment, technology, and building services
  • Maintain office systems and equipment and ensure we comply with all safety guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned related to Harpeth Conservancy’s mission

Ideal Qualifications:     

  • A bachelor’s degree with five or more years of relevant professional work experience
  • Technical Proficiencies: Slack, Donor Perfect, Dropbox, Microsoft Office suite, QuickBooks, and Monday 
  • Knowledge of nonprofit finance practices and functions, including budgeting and basic accounting
  • Knowledge of HR practices and functions 
  • Knowledge of IT services and supports
  • Excellent time management, organizational skills, and ability to meet and hold others to deadlines
  • Comfortable interacting professionally with all levels of donors, supporters, and volunteers
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to work with staff to build system improvements and support system implementation.
  • Ability to design and lead project plans for system improvement and implementation.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, conflict, and process management skills
  • Excellent problem solver with a team-oriented approach 
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Reliable, responsible, and with the flexibility and willingness to work outside of the constraints of a standard work week, as required, including weekends
  • Commitment to the mission of Harpeth Conservancy and the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice 
  • Ability to lift 25 pounds
  • Must be able to work legally in the United States
  • Valid Driver’s License in the State of Tennessee and adequate transportation and proof of insurance

Salary, Benefits, and Work Environment: 

The salary base is $55,000 with a range above based on experience. The position is based at our office in Brentwood, TN. A flexible work schedule is expected to accommodate evenings and weekends, travel, and traffic. Harpeth Conservancy benefits include generous paid-time-off, Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN cafeteria health insurance plan with a pre-tax Health Savings Account, and a Simple-IRA retirement plan.

Please submit cover letter, resume and three references by email to: EMAIL: gracestranch@harpethriver.org addressed to Grace Stranch, CEO

About Harpeth Conservancy: 

Harpeth Conservancy is a science-based conservation organization dedicated to clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers across Tennessee. Founded in 1999, our mission is to restore and protect clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in Tennessee by employing scientific expertise and collaborative relationships to develop, promote, and support broad community stewardship and action. Harpeth Conservancy works with landowners, businesses, community, local, state, and federal decision-makers and members to foster solutions that reduce pollution and maintain healthy areas. The rivers in Tennessee, including the Harpeth, are part of the unique freshwater river systems of the Southeast which contain some of the greatest variety of aquatic life in the world.

A State Scenic River, the 125-mile long Harpeth River flows through both rural and rapidly developing urban and suburban areas of the greater Nashville region, one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The Harpeth is one of the few entirely free-flowing rivers in the state as a result of our efforts and one of the most ecologically, culturally, historically, and recreationally significant rivers in Tennessee. However, water and land use practices critically impaired the river, cited as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers in 2015.

Over the past 20 years, the organization has broadened both the scope and geographic reach of its work as it applied lessons learned on the Harpeth to rivers and streams across the state. Supported by a broad network of volunteers, donors, and professional staff, Harpeth Conservancy has expertise in a range of disciplines including water quality science, environmental and conservation law and policy, sustainable land use planning, agricultural best management practices, volunteer and community engagement, and others.

The organization engages in land development decisions, promotes smart growth and agricultural management practices, designs stream restoration plans, assesses sewer and drinking water challenges, conducts river studies, ensures pollution threats are removed, promotes recreation and public education, and serves as a catalyst for effective statewide conservation policies. Harpeth Conservancy uses its expertise, applied science, and relationships with landowners, businesses, residents and policy decision-makers to develop solutions inclusive of the people who live and work here.

By seeking water quality solutions developed with diverse stakeholders, Harpeth Conservancy builds broad stewardship and shared responsibility for streams and rivers that are vital for the state’s economic well-being and quality of life. Harpeth Conservancy vision is clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in Tennessee, championed by the people who live here.  For examples of some of the major successes, see this section of our web site: www.harpethconservancy.org/about/20-years-of-success/  as well as this video: https://youtu.be/FZhAVBp7kB4. As Harpeth Conservancy enters its 25th year, you can read about some of our current campaigns here: https://harpethconservancy.org/our-work/clean-water-protection/.