March Conservation Conversations: Women in Environmental Science

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This past Wednesday, March 24th, Harpeth Conservancy celebrated Women’s History Month by inviting Crystal Bishop, Water Specialist with Tennessee Valley Authority and Kathleen Dennis, Director of Mill Creek Watershed Association, to discuss their expertise and experiences as women in the field of environmental science. 

We were delighted to hear about Kathleen Dennis’s more circuitous route, which led her from a career as a neuroscientist to the world of scientific management, facing challenges and gaining new skills along the way.

Crystal Bishop began with an education career in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, working with Tennessee State Parks, and now has been working in the government sector for over 15 years. Bishop discussed how networking and partnering with organizations and associations have helped her, and her team, find success.

Our participants, who ranged from a college undergraduate to a father, participated in a candid discussion about how women can take advantage of  science-related educational and career opportunities, just as Bishop and Dennis did. Despite these two speakers’ personal triumphs, they both thanked mentors, who throughout their journey helped them secure their path. In addition, much of the discussion tackled how women and their supporters can advocate for themselves in a male-dominated field. 

This month’s Conservation Conversations reminded us to thank today’s female scientific leaders and aspiring female leaders to be. Watch the entire discussion on our Youtube channel!

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