Holiday Gift for Lick Creek

Image: Save Lick Creek

In a significant win for clean water advocates, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) made a crucial decision over the holidays to deny the Water Authority of Dickson County’s permit request for a new sewage treatment plant on Lick Creek in Hickman County. This decision comes after concerted efforts by the Friends of Lick Creek and concerned citizens who voiced their concerns about the potential environmental impact and threats to the exceptional qualities of the Duck River.

Image: Save Lick Creek

Middle Tennessee’s Duck River is renowned as North America’s most biologically diverse freshwater river, serving as a hotspot for fish and mussel diversity. Moreover, it provides drinking water for a quarter of a million people. However, plans for a sewage treatment plant on Lick Creek, a tributary of the Duck River, raised alarms about the potential risks to the river’s exceptional qualities.

Responding to the threat, the Friends of Lick Creek organized to analyze options and oppose the construction of the sewage treatment plant. Recognizing the need for community support, they urged individuals to attend a public hearing scheduled May 2023 by TDEC to address the Water Authority of Dickson County’s proposal.


We are pleased to announce the recent decision by TDEC to deny the permit for the sewage treatment plant on Lick Creek. This victory is the result of collaborative efforts between Friends of Lick Creek, local communities, and officials who provided expertise and alternative solutions. Our blog contains official comments and details regarding the decision, emphasizing the importance of protecting Lick Creek as an Exceptional Tennessee Water.

Lick Creek holds the designation of an Exceptional Tennessee Water. This classification signifies water bodies with exceptional biological diversity, protected species, important ecological values, valuable recreational uses, and outstanding scenery. Preserving such waters is vital for maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring a sustainable future for Tennessee’s rivers.

We are thankful for YOU using YOUR voices for OUR rivers. With concerted efforts, TOGETHER we can advocate for responsible policies that protect clean water and healthy ecosystems for the rivers of Tennessee.