HC and others Comment on Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant Renewal

Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant

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On June 2, 2022, Harpeth Conservancy along with the TN Chapter of the Sierra Club (TNSC), and Brian Paddock (a Cookeville environmental lawyer) sent comments to TDEC on the proposed renewal of NPDES Permit No. TN0024198 for the Cookeville Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Using an APSU Biology Dept. algal comparison by Lebkuecher and Mauney, the comments show algae growth attributable to the Cookeville WWTP. “therefore, the Draft Permit must be revised so that it does not violate TN’s WQS for nutrients.”

The comments continue to point out other deficiencies and remediation recommendations required to allow for Cookeville’s continued growth. Read the entire packet including the cited studies here.