Rally for Rivers

Harpeth Conservancy’s mission to protect clean water is more vital than ever. As one of the fastest growing states in the nation, it’s no wonder that growth, flooding, and sewer and drinking water infrastructure are key focuses of ours. Our waterways are literally overflowing with increased pollution while more and more people move to Tennessee to enjoy the biodiversity of our watersheds. With all these challenges we have had to expand our efforts. With your help, we can sustain and grow these efforts to ensure clean water for all Tennesseans.

Ensuring access to clean water and beautiful rivers for generations to come involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Thank you for helping us meet our 2022 fundraising goal! Special thanks to the Carolyn Smith Foundation for contributing a matching grant of $30,000!

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Your contribution will support the following programs:

  • WATER QUALITY MONITORING – Our priority is to create a much needed state-wide real-time public alert system on whether it is safe to recreate in a nearby waterway. During our third year of monitoring water quality, we continue to find E. coli levels several times HIGHER than EPA’s recreational safety standards on the Harpeth River, Richland Creek, and Mill Creek. YOUR support allows us to set up our own Water Quality Lab so we can dramatically increase the number of sites we can monitor. By the summer of 2023, we plan to roll-out the daily public alert system at two highly popular recreational sites on the Harpeth.
  • CLEAN WATER PROTECTION – Our efforts and the need for our expertise increased dramatically this year! Success included the prevention of controversial state legislation to loosen oversight of some types of sewer systems. With our expertise, community groups and local officials have pushed back on extensive floodplain alteration proposals as well as the controversial proposal to fill a large quarry that is adjacent to the State Scenic Harpeth in Nashville and risk contamination of the river. Environmental inequities and climate change are concerns that we tackle every day.
  • RESTORATION & EDUCATION – We have expanded our programs to provide people of all ages with ways they can make a difference both with volunteer on-the-ground river clean ups and restoration projects to how-to tips from experts on a range of topics from landscaping to recreational safety. We are focused on how to tackle the root cause of problems such as increased flooding that is the new reality for this region driven by climatic changes. We are working with flood management experts to inform state and local decision makers of the urgency to update floodplain and stormwater runoff programs to account for the increased severity of storms. We need to prevent the devastation to communities recently suffered in Waverly TN.

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