Conservation Conversations: Holiday Recycling Tips to Protect River Ecosystems

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This past Wednesday during our last Conservation Conversation of the year, we learned that being water conscious can go beyond the outdoors and into the holiday season. Our everyday activities – like recycling – relate right back to the water the Harpeth Conservancy and YOU help to protect. The three speakers who joined us inspired us to get creative with the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Brandi Prewitt of the Tennessee Environmental Council (TEC) spoke on what recycling right really means:

  1. Regularly checking your local recycling rules,
  2. Finding alternatives for items that may end up in land-fills (like composting food scraps!) 
  3. Making sure your recycled item is clean so as to not contaminate the whole bag! 

We also heard from another TEC expert, John McFadden, who explained why waste is so harmful to our waterways. We also learned that recycling does more than protect rivers, it makes economic sense! In fact, studies show manufacturing jobs can be created through the diverting of reusable materials from landfills.

Finally, Erin Boddy rounded out our conversation and encouraged us to have a Merry Reuse-mas! From fabric wrapping to choosing real trees over artificial ones, there are plenty of tricks to staying sustainable this season.

You can have an impact on what ends up in our waterways during this season of giving. Watch the full Youtube Video to find out how!

Thank you to all who made our 2020 programming possible!