Conservation Conversations Burning Series Part II: Impact of Backyard Burning on the Environment

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It is your responsibility for what you burn
Your trash, your waste, it may take a turn
Think of the water, think of the air
The particles will impact the nature we share

An open burn?
Watch the fire, watch the flames!
It could spread and get out of control
Who do you call?
The fire depot!

Get a permit
Its your responsibility
We want to protect
That water quality

Use your resources that you can find online
So you don’t find yourself in a bind
Safety is key
We cant stress that enough
Those flames can be dangerous
But we’re Tennessee tough

If you missed our latest Conservation Conversation, Part II of our Burning Series, be sure to catch up! You can find the full conversation HERE (or watch below) on our YouTube channel. Our guest experts were Hattie Benet, Inspector for the Division of Air Pollution with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and Tim Phelps, Forestry Communications and Outreach Unit Leader from the TN Department of Agriculture.

Want to learn more about proper waste disposal? Next month’s Conservation Conversation will be all about holiday recycling tips! Be sure to join us Wednesday, December 16th at 6PM CST.