Conservation Conversation: Ensuring Environmental Equity

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Ensuring Environmental Equity: Public Participation in Governmental Decision-Making in the Pandemic Era

Should You Have To Risk Your Health to Participate in Democracy? Join Three Leading Experts for This Month's Conservation Conversation on June 24, 2020

Citizens are going through great lengths to have their voices heard during the Covid-19 pandemic, from protesters risking their own health, lives, and limbs to complain about allegedly excessive use of force to voting in potentially long and dangerous lines

Nashvillians waiting outside Metro chamber to speak to council, The Tennessean, June 3, 2020

This dilemma is not limited to far-away places but has reared its head here in Tennessee. The state is grappling with how to adapt to the pandemic, and how to reopen safely now that the “first wave” seems to be receding (or so it is hoped). 

We have invited experts to discuss all the issues involved. You are invited to hear and participate with this distinguished panel including:

Deborah Fisher

Executive Director of the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government

Dr. G.S. Hans

Director of the Stanton Foundation First Amendment Clinic at Vanderbilt Law School

Jim Redwine

Jim Redwine

Harpeth Conservancy’s Vice President and COO

They will discuss topics including:

If you are interested in this topic, click here for more information about public hearings during the COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has on local environmental legislation.

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