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It’s a beautiful summer afternoon. You’re lying on the grass, soaking up the sun, watching the clouds go by above you. Maybe you had a picnic in the park. Maybe you’re reading a book in your backyard or enjoying a pick-up game of soccer with friends on the front lawn. But what about the grass hosting these experiences, one that is, quite often, a staple to our outdoor events? Is there more to its existence than the surface level comfort and visual aesthetic it provides? Of course there is. 

Harpeth Conservancy’s latest installment of their monthly Conservation Conversations, an online education series with invited experts, dug deep into these details of home turf management and provided an eye-opening view on our relationship with a common natural feature: grass.  

Providing these educational tools were guest speakers David Cook and Michael Barry, University of Tennessee Extension Agents for Davidson County, and facilitated by Harpeth Conservancy’s Director of Watershed Science & Restoration, Ryan Jackwood. With backgrounds in agriculture and horticulture, David and Michael led the conversation on all stages of lawn preparation, seeding, and maintenance. This included the steps of soil testing beforehand, the ideal planting times for different grass species, and proper fertilization and care for lawn longevity and health. 

And so, do you need help understanding how much of the lawn to mow? What time of year is ideal for seeding? How do you properly prepare your soil prior to seeding? Should you rake your leaves or just mow over them? These questions and other facts are all addressed by our experts and we invite you to watch the full conversation to learn more on our youtube channel. You can also check out a PDF of the presentation and additional information about Organic Herbicides for Weed Control.

We also encourage you to join us next month’s Conservation Conversations on Wednesday, September 23, where we’ll be discussing fishing and safety on Tennessee rivers. Watch for a signup link on our calendar

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Harpeth Conservancy – August Conservation Conversation: Lawn and Fertilizer