Mikelle Benfield

How to find the water levels near you

United States Geological Survey (USGS) Water Information System 1. Go to the United States Geological Survey Water Information System: Mapper2. Type in your location3. Choose the gray access pin upstream from your location4.Click on access data and choose “Current/Historical Data”  Click on your area below to see Gage Height and discharge of the Harpeth River….

What’s that smell? It’s absolutely odoriferous!

There’s an entire world under our city, one that is comprised of miles of pipes and sewer infrastructure that carry our waste and treat it. However, what happens when these systems get overwhelmed? Age? Or fail? One possible consequence is a sewer overflow. Ron Taylor, Program Director with Clean Water Nashville, and Dorie Bolze, Harpeth…

Conservation Conversations Burning Series Part II: Impact of Backyard Burning on the Environment

It is your responsibility for what you burnYour trash, your waste, it may take a turnThink of the water, think of the airThe particles will impact the nature we share An open burn?Uncontained?Watch the fire, watch the flames!It could spread and get out of controlWho do you call?The fire depot! Get a permitIts your responsibilityWe…