2012 Harpeth River Steward

TADA! 7000th tree in the ground! Thank you to Glenn Remick and the other 1000 volunteers who have come out to restore the Harpeth River since the May 2010 Flood as part of our Waterway Flood Recovery Project.

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One special volunteer, who has committed weekend after weekend to restoring the Harpeth since the May 2010 flood, had a very special job. Harpeth Conservancy member, Glenn Remick of Kingston Springs planted the 7000th tree for HC during this tree planting season bringing his personal life-time planting achievement to over 50,000 trees! 

“After the Harpeth River showed its full power and potential that May”, Glenn felt that “the Tennessean thing to do was to go out and help our neighbors.” Months after the neighborhoods were cleaned Glenn joined the Harpeth River Watershed Association to help clean up the Harpeth River. As a teenager Glenn worked his summers planting trees for forestry and paper companies. So when he received HC’s call for volunteers for the 2012 Harpeth River Restoration Project he was “excited to hear they needed some tree planters” and said, “That’s a project I could really dig!” He has done just that, showing up for over half of our tree planting projects this year offering his extensive knowledge, energy, and leadership to each volunteer event. 

Glenn Remick Planting Trees