2004 Harpeth River Steward Awards

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Volunteer Extraordinaire:  Mike Walton of Walton’s Antiques and Jewelry – for outstanding support of HRWA as President by donating office space for 3 years, participating in our many projects and studies, taking on what needed to be done, and providing a guiding light. 

Individual: Don Green, City of Franklin Stormwater Coordinator and HRWA Web Master- for excellence in designing and maintaining HRWA’s user-friendly and informative web site. 

Individual: Ed Snyder- Field Studies Volunteer –for outstanding effort in both the HRWA Visual Stream Habitat Assessment across the watershed and the HRWA Bank Erosion Study. 

Elected Official:  Dan Klatt, Alderman City of Franklin—for his leadership in working with the city senior staff and Mayor to establish the city’s Harpeth River Task Force that will be exploring cost effective means for the city to protect water quality. 

Federal Government Official:  Tim Diehl, United States Geological Survey– for participating in the design and analysis on the joint HRWA and Cumberland River Compact Harpeth River Sediment Study, HRWA bank erosion study, and important role as technical advisor. 

Local Government Official-Robert Karesh, Williamson County Stormwater Coordinator- for all his efforts to launch and coordinate a statewide working group among nearly 100 municipalities that now need to develop stormwater in order to share information and develop similar approaches. 

These awards below are on behalf of the Volunteer River Restoration Corps, a joint project with the Harpeth River Watershed Association and the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association’s Duck River Project.  

Individual: Patty Shultz- Restoration Volunteer- For outstanding consistency as a Volunteer River Restoration Corps member in stream restoration projects. 

Community Group– Congregation Micah- for the dedication of the fifth grade class to the restoration project on the Narrows of the Harpeth and for undertaking their own restoration project along the Little Harpeth on the synagogue’s property.     

Corporation:  Saturn Corporation—for their consistent financial support and the commitment of their staff as mentors to the middle and high school classes involved in the Duck River Project. 

Developer: Jim Carell, Achiever Development Corporation—for the design of Chapman’s Retreat residential subdivision that maintained a stream buffer zone and has been a restoration project to re-vegetate the streamside habitat along Aenon Creek in Spring Hill. 

State Government Official:  Cynthia Rohrbach, TDEC Green Schools Program Coordinator – for service above and beyond the call of duty both in the classroom and in the field to help school children learn about and monitor long term water quality with the Duck River Project.    

Agriculture:  John and Mona Lee- for maintaining a forested stream buffer along Rutherford Creek on their farm outside Spring Hill.